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Rubbish removal in Surrey focuses on removing, disposing and recycling junk for commercial and residential customers alike. We are capable of matching the competition on a professional level for features of the hauling services that are of extraordinary importance to the majority of individuals. This is not a declaration that we have the lowest rates for our services. However, we use the proper methods to deliver high-quality services that are appreciated by our valued customers.

What Can Dayo & Disposal Surrey Do For You?

We have the experience, equipment, and expertise to help residents of Surrey, BC to solve any problem related to the removal of junk. We are capable of removing, disposing of, hauling away and in some cases, recycling just about any item you need to eliminate from your space.

Our most popular types of junk disposal services  our clients in Surrey ask for include:

  • Disposal of garbage or household items like books and clothes
  • Removal and recycling of furniture pieces like a bed, couch, table, dresser, and chair
  • Removal and recycling of electronics like fan, television, and VCR
  • Recycling of green waste like clean lumber, grass, trees, leaves, and food
  • Removal and recycling of freezer, refrigerator, stove, and other large appliances
  • Removing and recycling mattresses

Below is additional detailed information for each kind of junk removal services we provide.

Your pick up can be booked in less than 2 minutes by calling us at (604) 900 – 3672.

Benefits of Hiring Our Surrey Junk Hauling Company

Our primary focus is on the flexibility and quality aspects of junk disposal. With no exception, disposal companies promote professionalism and quality. However, the majority have been unsuccessful in delivering on these claims. This is largely because a specific level of conviction is required to produce such high levels of services for the client. The following is an expression of our commitment to having a deeper understanding of the needs of our clients.

How The Dayo Disposal Junk Removal Process Works

  • You will speak to a Dayo and Disposal representative on the phone who can assist you
  • A team comprising qualified junk removal experts will be dispatched to your home or place of business
  • Your needs will be identified and dealt with in a sensitive manner
  • We will be respectful to your neighbors and your property
  • We will present open pricing with no hidden fees
  • We will find the best possible schedule for you

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Rubbish Removal Costs We Charge Surrey Residents

Our rubbish removal services are priced in two ways; large volume projects and single item pick up.

Large Volume Projects

These types of projects can save you more money as it is less expensive to price items based on the volume. On average, more significant projects are priced at $50 for each cubic yard. For the majority of individuals, this is difficult to picture; therefore, we typically describe volumes regarding pickup trucks. Our vehicle is a lot larger than the average pickup truck and can accommodate roughly three times the volume of an average pickup truck.

Single Item Rubbish and Furniture Removal Also Available in Surrey, BC

These are the easiest to estimate as the rates are set for the majority of single items. For instance, removing a mattress will cost $100. Removing a box spring or another mattress will get you as much as 50 percent off the rate of the other item. The more additional items we take away with our furniture removal service, the more our general business expenses can be spread over more items. As such, it is less expensive, per item, if there is a large volume of items for junk removal.

Truck Size

The box of our truck is 15 cubic yards. On average, each full load is roughly 1.5 tons. Our clients typically fall below the halfway mark. For a project estimate, please call (604) 900 – 3672; it is a fast and easy process. All charges are included in our rates. There is no last-minute additional cost or hidden fees.

Scheduling a Pick-Up

The scheduling process is best started by calling us at (604) 900 – 3672 or visit our contact page. A few questions will be asked as it relates to the project and your overall junk removal needs. For example, we will ask about the amount of junk, your location and a convenient time for us to get to your property. After a few minutes, a date and time will be set for your rubbish removal from Surrey Junk Removal Guy.

Removal and Disposal of Furniture

Typically, large items that are hauled away to the landfill include couches, dressers, mattresses, chairs, dining tables, bed frames, and bookshelves. Average junk removal rate is roughly $100.

Mattress and Box Spring

In the city of Surrey, these items are treated as recyclables. The strict regulations ensure all fabric, metal, and lumber from each box spring or mattress is reused. You can go to our mattress removal page for this area, and you will be provided with additional details on rates and other relevant facts.

Couch Removal

The cost of taking away a couch is $100 since it falls in the category of furniture items. Our rubbish removal company has a page dedicated to the removal and disposal of couches in Surrey. The page offers detailed information concerning this service.

Policy Regarding Recycling for Surrey, BC

Every item that can be reused in any way is recycled by our company. All recyclable materials are transported to the proper recycling facilities around Surrey. The following is a listing of the items that are kept out of the city landfill.

  • Metal
  • Paper and books
  • Cardboard
  • Box spring and Mattress
  • Paint and Chemicals
  • Large appliances and Electronics
  • Clean building lumber and drywall
  • Cans and bottles
  • Some plastics
  • Food and green waste
  • Donating for the Environment

We donate items like furniture that are in decent condition. We have come to recognize the need for individual charities and what they will accept as a donation. In high demand are items like furniture, books, clothes, and toys that are in the right conditions. We are happy to keep those items out of the landfill.

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